Mites and Bed Bugs Repellent Combo Pack


Made in Hong Kong. Patented Nano-technology

  • Transform textile impregnation treatment into unique daily product which can repel a host of biting insects
  • Long-lasting, can help eliminate mites, bed bugs and allergens quickly together with a clean and tidy home
  • Up to 90% repellency*
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Suitable for everyday usage, harmless to humans and pets
  • Do not use on garment that are not recommend for softener to damaging the surface coating
  • Patented Compound Formula, Reducing Insect Antimicrobial Resistance

*Tested and proven by New Mexico University

  • SGS Texile Tests
  • OOECD Oral Toxicity Study
  • OECD Acute Eye Irritation Study
  • OECD Sensitization Study

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