Cypress Bio-Tech 柏橋生物科技
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  • 消毒抗菌液(QUAC2配方)(5L補充裝) 送 驅蝨防蟎多用途噴霧 (100ml) + 消毒抗菌噴霧(QUAC2配方)30ml

    SALE! $998.00
  • 驅蝨防蟎多用途噴霧 (300ml) 2支 送驅蝨防蟎多用途噴霧(100ml)

    SALE! $258.00
  • Bioclear天然家居清潔大掃除套裝

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  • 天然寵物抗菌乾洗清潔手套 – 10包優惠套裝

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  • 寵物除菌濕紙巾 (天然配方) 80片 – 3包優惠套裝

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  • 寵物除菌濕紙巾 (天然配方) 20片 – 20包優惠套裝

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  • 寵物除菌濕紙巾 (天然配方) 80片 – 5包優惠套裝

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  • 寵物除菌濕紙巾 (天然配方) 20片 – 10包優惠套裝

    SALE! $162.00
  • 天然寵物乾洗泡泡200ml

    SALE! $122.00
  • Cypress Pet帆布袋

    SALE! $54.00
  • Cypress Pet Natural Antibacterial Waterless Pet wipes gloves

    SALE! $37.00
  • Cypress Pet Antibacterial Pet Wipes (Natural Formulation) 20 piece

    SALE! $17.00
  • Cypress Pet Antibacterial Pet Wipes (Natural Formulation) 80 piece

    SALE! $50.00
  • (雙飛套裝) 驅蚊蟲噴霧(100ml) + 驅蝨防蟎多用途噴霧 100ml 送 消毒抗菌噴霧(QUAC2配方)30ml

    SALE! $129.00
  • 廚具酵素清潔劑買一送一

    SALE! $79.00
  • Cypress Bio-Tech Disinfectant Wipes (80 Pieces Pack)

    SALE! $36.00
  • Cypress Bio-Tech Disinfectant Wipes (8 Mini Packs)

    SALE! $34.20
  • Disinfectant Spray (QUAC2 Formula) (500ml) x2

    SALE! $298.00
  • Mosquito Repellent Softener

  • Mites & Bed Bugs Repellent Softener

Cypress Bio-Tech

Cypress Bio-Tech is the fruit bore by a group of Hong Kong bio-technology, chemistry, and product development experts who are devoted to using innovative technology to promote social development. The company is grounded on the scientists' reflections on the impact on international public health and safety brought on by global warming and increasing infectious diseases. The founders of Cypress Bio-Tech firmly believe that only by having locally developed and produced innovative products granted patent, and widely used in a society that values intellectual property rights, could the milestone of Hong Kong's scientific research technology be reached. With this vision in mind, the company are committed to bringing innovative and practical products to the public for the betterment of their quality of life.