Enzyme Kitchenware Cleaner


Hong Kong Research and Manufacturing

  • Rapid decomposition and degreasing technology to quickly remove oil residues
  • Natural ingredients, plant base
  • Does not contain any oil-soluble chemical solvents
  • Suitable for air fryer/oven/microwave oven/electric cooker/kitchenware/kitchen equipment, all kinds of stubborn oil stains
  • Does not scratch pots and pans
  • Spray and wipe to remove oil and sterilize at the same time
  • Contains no petroleum by-products and no residue
  • Solving general detergent residue problems
  • Bubble formula easily penetrates into kitchen utensils
  • Natural formula infused with cedarwood extract

Instructions for use: Depending on the dirtiness, spray detergent as appropriate, then wipe clean with a damp cloth or rinse with water.

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